Cousin Jim's Buffalo Wings

Jimmy Sharp


Hot Wings


  • 1 stick Land O Lakes Butter
  • 1 bottle Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • Chicken Wings - grilled is best


  1. Melt the Butter and Hot Sauce in a Pan Together.
  2. This Makes a Lot of Sauce.
  3. Take a Zip Lock Bag Add Some of the Sauce and Some of the Wings Zip It up and Shake It up.
  4. Put Them in a Bowl and Pour Some of the Sauce on It for Extra Kick.
  5. Use Ranch Dressing for a Dipping Sauce.
  6. if You Want You Can Eat Some Celery With It but Who Wants to.
  7. Also the Hot/Butter Sauce Mixed With Ranch Makes a Great Dipping Sauce for Fries.
  8. a Little Girl from Tonawonda Ny Taught Me This So Maybe I Should Call It "Sheri's Buffalo Wings"...Naw